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Gobbler Pro - Specification And Advantages

Parameters Performance Units
Maximum Machine length(Including hose ,tool ) Up to 2100 mm
Maximum Machine Width(Including hose ,tool ) Up to 1100 mm
Maximum Machine Height(Including hose ,tool ) Up to 1800 mm
Gross Machine weight Up to 470 kg
Airflow of operational system min.900 m3.Hr
Maximum Air velocity in hose 40 ms
Hose inner diameter Suction 110(125 optional) mm
operating arc range 90 degree
Collection bag/Container capacity with compaction 240 Liters
Noise Level during operation 55-65 db
Battery Voltage 48 Volts(12*4) db
Battery capacity 100-145 Ah
Daily Battery life during overall suction and traction application 10-12 hrs
Water Tank Capacity 10-12 Liters
Turbine Motor High rpm @3000 1.5kw
Traction Motor High rpm @3000 1 kw



Basic' Gobbler Pro USP

Easy Manoeuvrability

The low weight and easy handling both contribute to manoeuvrability, whether walk-along the Gobbler Pro, or Ride-On.

Digital Time Meter

Smart Digital instrument for ease to use and smart look.

Adjustable Arm rest

Very light suction pipe with adjustable armrest offering maximum comfort and ease to use.

Beacon Light

For Safety a flashing light ensure visibility from distance.


It is made keeping user friendly concept in mind and it is well designed and comfortable at every surface: it is extremely simple to use.

Water Tank with Jet

Providing the intelligence of keeping the provision of water jet helps the rider to clean hard dirt areas and even helps to clean the machine whenever required.

Easy Battery Charging

It is as simple to plug-in the charger as we plug-in to our mobile sockets. Gobbler Pro also has a space to store the charging wire inside the machine.

Retro Light

Specially designed for the safety of the user riding in the dark or low light areas.

Additional Gobbler Pro USP

Easy Cleaning Of Filter

The user-friendly system of using and cleaning of Gobbler Pro filter makes the operation easier.

Extra Flexible Nozzle

Specially designed for helping Gobbler Pro to suck the litter from every small corners.

Low Noise

Gobbler Pro is silent during his operations for both Rider and people around the cleaning area.

Nozzle Castor

For the ease to use the suction pipe we have provided Nozzle castor as a feature which helps to keep nozzle focus and straight.

Safety Features of Gobbler Pro

Automatic Water Sprayer

With the facility of Automatic water sprayer, it helps in keeping the litter box fire-free and reduce the risk for any hazardous gases.

Fire Extinguisher

Specially kept for emergency basis.

Reversing Alarm

Safety feature which will help people aware while reversing the Gobbler Pro.

LED Headlights

Beautifully designed LED headlamp helps the user to work on Day-Night basis.